A young; mischievous boy who gets into trouble quite often.

Human (Short range combat type)
Health: 250
Strength: 3
Speed: 5
Pros: good at melee, able recover stamina quickly, jump higher than others except MiuMiu.
Cons: low HP, cannot use 'Satellite Canon', which is the first free weapon every user will be given to.



Hana is Ken's good friend but she is very friendly and always fun to be around.

Human (Short range combat type)
Health: 100
Strength: 3
Speed: 5
Pros: fast speed
Cons: low HP, low jump, cannot use 'Satellite Canon', which is the first free weapon every user will be given to.



Despite his size and fierce look, Kuma the bear is a very kind and has a noble spirit.

A bear
Health: 200
Strength: 8
Speed: 3
Pros: high HP, can equip all heavy weapons, far rolling distance
Cons: slow speed, slow recovery speed, low jump height Recommended to start off with this guy as he can use many weapons.



MiuMiu is toy cat that lives in Pangaea along with Kuma. He is quick on his feet and has great fashion. MiuMiu, like all toy's souls, wants to be loved by all children. Other than that, MiuMiu is mysterious character..


  • Jump high
  • Incredible speed
  • Quick stamia recovery
  • Fast shooter


  • Low HP
  • Limited weapons
  • Unable to use start-off items
  • Can die from canon easily



Sai is a friend of Dr. Uru. He is a bit shy and tends to be more cautious of the two aliens.

An alien/robot (Long range combat type)
Health: 130
Strength: 4
Speed: 4
Pros: average speed and health, can act dead and ambush the enemy, decent amount of HP, good at guns
Cons: slower than Ken, and MiuMiu, they can catch up easily, poor at melee, cannot use 'Satellite Canon'



Dr. Uru is a robot alien explorer from the the planet, Utala. He works for an organization called Space Probe with Sai. Together, the duo

Dr. Uru with magnifier

 went to Pangaea to take the essence, a mysterious jewel.


  • Average speed
  • Great HP
  • Great with guns
  • Pretend to be dead


  • Slow speed
  • Low jump
  • Slow to shoot
  • Weak with melee
  • Easy target when playing dead


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