Changing Weapons Edit

1 - Changes weapon to Melee weapon.

2 - Changes weapon to Gun weapon.

3 - Changes weapon to Launcher weapon.

4 - Changes weapon to Throwing weapon.

Movement Edit

W - Move Forward

S - Move Back

A - Move Left

D - Move Right

Move Mouse To The Right - Look Right

Move Mouse To The Left - Look Left

Move Mouse Forward - Look Up

Move Mouse Backward - Look Down

Actions Edit

Right Click - Use Melee Weapon, Or throw a Throwing weapon, And Shoot either a Gun or Launcher weapon.

Left Click - Use Selected Skill

Q - Scroll and Select Skill One Space Up in the Skill Bar

E - Scroll and Select Skill One Space Down in the Skill bar.

Spacebar - Jump

Ctrl - Duck

R - Reload

Z - Select Essence

Other Controls Edit

Double Press W to Roll Forward

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